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Dr. Laura Berman is a world renowned sex and relationship expert who is considered a thought leader and innovator in her field. As a sex educator, researcher and therapist for more than 20 years, she has helped countless couples build stronger relationships, improve their sex lives, and achieve a heightened level of intimacy. Browse through her selection of specially designed sex toys for women, the Berman Center intimate accessories.

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  • Berman Center Astrea II Vibrating Thong
    A remote vibrating thong made of lovely comfy to wear black lace, with a secret compartment for the clitoral stimulator. Give you partner, or yourself the remote control and let the fun begin. Press the button from 12 foot away and send her into ecstacy. A popular 'naughty' choice for your special someone.
    NZ$ 129.95 EA
  • Aurora Partners Set Kit
    This sex kit comes with a remote control vibrator, 2 vibrating sex bullets and a stretchy silicone enhancement penis ring. Brought to you by Dr Laura Berman.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Berman Center Dilator Set
    Increase sexual enjoyment with this dilator set. Designed to help women who struggle with discomfort during sex, have sexual anxiety, or simply want strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Progress at your own pace with the 3 different sleeve sizes.
    NZ$ 129.95 EA
  • Berman Center Minerva Cock Ring
    An erection penis ring that is comfortable to wear. The nubs at the top help with clitoral stimulation as worn during sex. The ring also allows you to use this as a finger vibrator. Use for foreplay or during sex. Fits most. Designer pouch included.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Berman Center Romeo Vibrator
    A slim waterproof vibrator designed for G-Spot stimulation. The ridge in the middle of the shaft stimulates the entrance of the vagina for heightened sensations. Pair Romeo up with Juliet for an orgasmic experience.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Berman Cleopatra Sex Egg
    A tiny, discreet, waterproof sex egg, with remote control. With a velvet feel for easy insertion and a cord so that this sex egg can be removed from the vagina with no hassle. The tiny remote has a range of up to 15 feet and can fit into your pocket discreetly. With 7 pulsating and vibrating functions and a quick On/Off switch. The quiet motor allows for you to use this in public.
    NZ$ 149.95 EA
  • Berman Hestia Massager
    This massager can be used for sexual pleasure or simply as an all over body massager to massage those muscles. Dual motors create vibrations on both ends, use the larger end to rub the clitoris and the outside of the vagina. Complete with easy on off switch and designer pouch.
    NZ$ 79.95 EA
  • Berman Isis Massager
    A seamless kegel massager to help with pelvic strengthening. Easy to insert as it is made of Lucite material. Start slowly and increase according to your comfort level. Start by lying down and holding it in and then work up to keeping it in your vagina using only your muscles. Comes with travel case.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Berman Juliet Vibrator
    The Juliet Waterproof Vibrator may be used internally or externally for a wide range of sexual sensations. Try it with the Romeo G-Spot Vibrator for added satisfaction. Designed specifically for women. The hoop is designed to encase the clitoris and surrounding area. The ridged area can be used to stimulate the entrance to the vagina. Comes with storage and travel bag.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Berman Juno Kegal Exerciser
    Exercise your Kegel muscles with this Kegel exerciser. Perfect for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Made from seamless Lucite, with increasing weights for ongoing exercises. Can be used after childbirth or pelvic surgery to help build up your pelvic muscles again. Start with the smallest ball and work your way up.
    NZ$ 109.95 EA
  • Berman Lady Godiva Bullet
    Extremely powerful sex bullet satisfies in three ways. Start by inserting the round tip into the vaginal entrance, while the heart shaped ticklers at either end can be used in either direction. The control has 10 speeds of vibration and 5 levels of pulsation. This cute sex bullet vibrator is guaranteed to please.
    NZ$ 109.95 EA
  • Berman Lila Sex Bullet
    A sleek sex bullet with a soft matte rubber finish that vibrates on two speeds. Ideal for internal or external stimulation.
    NZ$ 69.95 EA
  • Berman Mimi Sex Bullet
    A slim sex bullet vibrator that has an easy grip control and 2 different speeds of pleasure. Ideal for pinpointing clitoral enjoyment. Use it during sex or simply for foreplay.
    NZ$ 79.95 EA
  • Berman Pomona Vibrator
    A vibrator designed to fit in your hand with a comfortable grip and soft pleasure points to stimulate the clitoris and labia at the same time. With 2 speeds of vibration which are easily pressed in the centre of the vibrator. Vibrations get deeper and stronger from the smallest end to the largest meaning that you can go with what feels best. Comes with its own storage and travel bag.
    NZ$ 79.95 EA
  • Berman Selene Clitoral Pump
    A powerful vibrating clitoral pump. Intense suction for added stimulation.

    Two sleeves included, a smooth one for greater suction, and one has bumps for a tickling sensation.
    NZ$ 79.95 EA
  • Berman Venus G-Spot Vibrator
    This waterproof G-spot vibrator is sexy and quiet, made from smooth silicone with ridges for her pleasure. Stimulate the clitoris and labia. Also tickle the G-spot. Also can be used on him to massage the perineum, penis and balls.
    NZ$ 69.95 EA
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