Lubricant, Delay Creams and Sexual Stimulants

Why try a lubricant? The answer is simple, a sexual lubricant helps you enjoy sex! It helps improve your overall sexual experience. There must have been times when you're getting down and dirty and when it comes to actual penetration, things feel tight? She's feeling bone-dry? Your chafing yourself and your hurting her? This making sex unpleasant for both of you. This is completely normal, but at the same time a real passion killer. So what is the answer - Yes Lubricant!Lubricants are a quick, easy and effective solution to sexual dryness. Lubes can also help prolong your lovemaking session and are also great to have for sole masturbation. Lubricants are also essential for anal sex, which is becoming more and more popular in relationships.

So where do you start you may ask? What type of lubricant should you be using? Lubricants fall into 3 different categories, we have the Water-based Lubes, the Silicone-based Lubes and the Oil-based lubes. The most popular being the water-based lubricants. These are smooth and slick, rather than sticky and messy like a silicone and oil lube. Water-based lubes are also condom compatible which is an advantage. They are easy to use and the clean-up is simple. Popular water-based lubricants include - WET, ID, KY Jelly and Astroglide.

A silicone-based lubricant such as the WET - Platinum or the ID - Millennium are also popular as they last a lot longer than your average water-based lube. They takes ages to dry out and there is no need to reapply.

Oil-based lubricants are something that we do not stock, quite simply because - you should stay clear of them! Why, you may ask? One reason being that they corrode latex, so using condoms with an oil lube is a waste of time and secondly they are bad for your partner's vaginal health.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look through our selection of lubricants and get your sex life on the road again! Water-based lubricants are a perfect lubricant to use with your favourite sex toy!

Perhaps you are looking for a Delay Cream or a Delay Spray to help you last longer in bed? We have a fine selection of delay creams that have been tried and tested. *Individual results apply. So what is a delay cream you may ask? Exactly that, it helps delay ejaculation time. Most creams are made from some basic moisturiser and combined with a medical grade anesthetic such as benzocaine or lidocaine. Most sprays have a water based solution rather than a moisturiser. A popular delay cream that we have on offer is the Durex Play Longer. We have many repeat customers for this product.

Toy Cleaner - Why use a toy cleaner? Simple, to keep your best sex toys clean. Yes, you can wash your toys in hot, soapy water, but why not ensure that they are 100% clean by using an antibacterial cleaner.

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