Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators - we've got the largest selection available in New Zealand. The "Rabbit" womens sex toy fad began on Sex & The City, when Charlotte purchased herself the Jack Rabbit. Stop thinking about getting one and grab a rabbit vibrator today. Find out why so many women over the world love their rabbit vibrators!

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  • Rabbit Pearl Elastomer
    The original Jack Rabbit Vibrator. Thanks to Sex and the City, this fantastic dual action rabbit vibrator is one of the most popular vibrators around and a must have sex toy for every woman.
    NZ$ 139.95 EA
  • Rhythm O Rabbit Vibrator
    Brand new technology. Sexy rabbit vibrator. Such a unique design. With 90 beads that rotate in the shaft. There are 7 functions of vibration pulsation and escalation. The shaft rotates in 3 speeds with over 21 patterns of stimulation. New hot button for surprise random rhythm. Waterproof so that it can be used in the bath or the shower. Easy push button controls, easy to add battery pack. LED lights. Soft and supple design that is guaranteed to make you moan.
    NZ$ 199.95 EA
  • Twin Turbo Rabbit Vibrator
    The twin rabbit vibrator has a soft rotating penis head that probes you so deeply in two directions you'll love every speed. The shaft of the vibrator has 2 sets of rotating beads traveling in 2 different directions to give you the most amazing orgasm ever.
    NZ$ 129.95 EA
  • Ultra Tech 5000 Vibrator
    The Ultra Tech 5000 Vibrator is a multi speed rabbit vibrator that pulsates and twists out some serious pleasure via 7 multi orgasmic functions and an amazing twisting metal bead action guaranteed to make you cum.
    NZ$ 139.95 EA
  • Bunny Vibrator
    A cheaper version of the famous Sex and The City Rabbit Vibrator. Buy one today and discover why it's the world famous, unique, and amazing sex toy - The Jack Rabbit Pearl. The Jack Rabbit is made out of jelly and both the shaft and head rotate causing an intense vibration.
    NZ$ 79.95 EA
  • Toy Joy Disco Rabbit Vibrator
    The beautiful Disco Rabbit Vibrator is a super sexy vibrator made of soft pink jelly and is multi functional, it has a gorgeous central chamber of stimulating sex pearls for deep orgasmic pleasure, and a fantastic rabbit shaped clitoral stimulator to arouse you to your fullest capabilities.
    NZ$ 129.95 EA
  • Slim Line G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator
    This slim line g-spot rabbit delight is the perfect vibrator to spoil your special someone. So soft to the touch as this vibrator is made from 100% medical grade silicone, comes with 10 vibration modes that pulsate, vibrate, escalate and rotate you will love this sexy, vibe therapy vibrator. It is the perfect therapy for a sex life in need of some fun.
    NZ$ 169.95 EA
  • Robo Rabbit Vibrator
    The Robo Rabbit Vibrator is firm and textured and is in the shape of a real penis. Complete with rotating beads of ecstasy within the penis shaft along with added vibrations and clitoral stimulation. The rabbit ears flutter and tease the clitoris making you moan!
    NZ$ 139.95 EA
  • Romping Rabbit Vibrator
    Vibrating shaft is shaped like a smooth, textured penis for deep penetrating stimulation. A varienty of speeds with just a touch of a button
    Rotating pleasure beads stimulate the sensitive innermost areas of the vagina for moments of sheer ecstasy
    NZ$ 129.95 EA
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  • Up & Down Rabbit Vibrator
    A sexy, blue rabbit vibrator. Thrusting Up & Down, Rotating metal beads, Vibrates, Pulsates, and Escalates. Simultaneously enjoy the rabbit ears that vibrate and stimulate your clitoris. Enjoy four vibration modes in the head, four thrusting speeds and four clitoral stimulator vibration and pulsations.

    Dimensions: 7 Inches
    NZ$ 129.95 EA
  • Animal Rabbit Vibrator
    A rabbit vibrator that is 7.5" of soft jelly vibrations and a sexy rotating beaded shaft, giving you the ultimate in pleasure. The rabbit ears simultaneously tickle at your clitoris making this a vibrator that you can't put down. An easy to use control unit at the base of the vibrator. Take this bunny home tonight.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Bead Blossom Rabbit Vibrator
    A mini rabbit vibrator for first timers. A soft jelly penis head and shaft with 5 rows of metal sex beads and a light up control unit that rotates and vibrates to please you in ways you can only imagine.
    NZ$ 79.95 EA
  • Beaded Bunny Vibrator
    A soft jelly vibrator whose head swirls and reverses directions whilst the tiny sex beads spin around for a sensuous internal stimulation. Enjoy as the bunny ears tickle your clitoris. With separate buttons for rotation and vibration, you can enjoy together or individually. Whatever you choose you will be screaming with pleasure.
    NZ$ 109.95 EA
  • Bunny Plumbs Silicone Rabbit Vibrator
    This rabbit vibrator is waterproof and stands at 6.5" high. Made from 100% Silicone, this vibrator also has the revolutionary Gyrating Spiral Motion now available in vibrators. This motion has 3 different modes. A totally addictive vibrator that will keep you entertained for hours.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Bunny Rabbit Vibrator
    A rabbit vibrator that gyrates and vibrates intensely. With rabbit clitoral tickler and rotating love beads. Controlled by the multi speed controller. Pleasure at your finger tips.
    NZ$ 109.95 EA
  • Bunny Tickler Vibrator
    The Bunny Tickler is powerful, waterproof, quiet, body friendly and safe to play with anytime anywhere.

    The texture of this vibrator is like soft peach skin.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
    NZ$ 89.95 EA
  • Double Bunny Vibrator
    A Twin Rabbit Vibrator which stimulates both the clitoris and the anus at the same time, whilst the rotating penis shaft complete with sex beads wiggles inside you.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Eclipse Rabbit Vibrator
    A quality assured rabbit vibrator from the Eclipse Ultra 7 Range. The ultra soft jelly penis head and shaft offer you 6 rows of beads that spin at 6 different pleasure levels. The added clit vibrator has 7 modes for you to play around with - 3 vibrating speeds, 3 pulsating speeds and 1 escalating mode. Fun all the way!
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Erotic Rabbit Vibrator
    The new and improved Erotic Rabbit Vibrator that is able to rotate in two different directions and with two levels of vibration.
    NZ$ 109.95 EA
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • FutureTech Rabbit Vibrator
    This Rabbit Vibrator is a Topseller here at Adult Boutique. The Futuretech design offers 6 rows of metal beads that spin at six totally unique speeds. The clitoral stimulator is shaped like a mini rabbit and has 7 modes of vibration. It is super soft to the touch and easy to clean. With glow in the dark buttons and light up LED lights, this is one of our most SEXY rabbit vibrators.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Jessica Rabbit Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator
    The Jessica Rabbit Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator is one of the worlds best selling sex toys. Stimulate those important areas with the bouncy beads, dual rotating shaft and multi speed vibration.
    NZ$ 129.95 EA
  • Jumping Rabbit Vibrator
    This rabbit vibrator squirms in reverse for greater control. The bunny feet vibrate stimulating the clitoris and the rotating sex beads offer extra stimulation. This rabbit vibrator is made from super soft jelly material and has an easy operation control unit.
    NZ$ 129.95 EA

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