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  • Aphrodisiac Gift Set - Role Play
    This aphrodisiac gift set is a luxury role play set that offers you an erotic role play experience with your partner. The set comes complete with black ostrich feather boa, leather and satin nipple covers, a sexy pearl belt, candles to set the mood, all within a beautiful scented case. Set the mood and pose for some naughty, yet elegant photos. Strike the pose and enjoy what comes next. Photography with an erotic element.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Naughty Knot
    The naughty knot is such a great gift idea. You can wrap yourself up for that special someone, imagine their surprise when they come home and see you wrapped up in a naughty love knot, begging them to up-wrap you.
    NZ$ 59.95 EA
  • Stripteuse Roleplay Sex Game
    Stripteuse is a role playing sex game. Entice your lover through a sensual dance, which with careful precision unveils the body through subtle, sexy playful teasing. The sexy box comes complete with scenarios where sophistication, desire and sensuality come together in provocative sexy dances, accompanied by soundtracks and accessories designed to highlight the elegance of being naked.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Agent Secret Role Play Kit
    Become to Secret Agents with this sexy Role Play Game for Two. A sexy adventure with an unpredictable ending. Let the journey for the secret code commence, ultimately revealing a hidden fantasy. The scented case comes complete with a satin eye mask, a feather tickler, 2 satin restraints, a clit stimulator ring, a penis, hidden secret cards, a combination lock and 2 satin bags all for a night to remember.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Antibacterial Toy Cleaner
    All sex toys can be kept clean and safe with this antibacterial spray-on sex toy cleaner. A disinfected clean every time.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Bad Boyfriend Voodoo Doll
    We love this bad boyfriend voodoo doll. A must for all women who have had enough of your boyfriend taking you for granted. Simply stick the pin in the area that instructs your boyfriend what to do, for example "Rub My Feet". Do you believe in voodoo magic?? It's got to be worth a try. Complete with 10 pins.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Chocolate Clone-A-Willy
    Make an edible copy of your penis and give it to your partner. It is 100% DIY, simply melt down some chocolate and use penis molding kit. Make an exact solid milk chocolate copy of your penis. An excellent Hens Night or Valentines gift. She will love it!
    NZ$ 89.95 EA
  • Clone A Willy Glow In The Dark Kit
    This penis kit contains everything that you need to make a realistic Glow in The Dark replica of your penis You can then turn it into a fully functioning vibrating dildo. Complete with moulding powder, special glow in the dark liquid rubber, vibrating unit, molding tube and easy to follow instructions. All you need is your penis and some water.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Ex Husband Voodoo Doll
    Having problems with the ex-husband? Look no further that this extra special Ex Husband Voodoo Doll. Simply stick a pin into the activity that you want your ex-husband to do and instantly he will stop acting like an asshole and behave properly. A novelty item for anyone who simply needs to vent.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Fluffy Handcuffs
    Fluffy Handcuffs that come with 2 keys. Available in Pink and Black.
    NZ$ 39.95 EA
  • Magic Massage Kit
    A 4 piece massage kit that features a hand held velcro applicator and 3 textured massage pads. Each pad provides their own magical sensation. One is soft rubber, one is spiked leather and one is soft and furry. The elastic handband stretches to fit most sizes.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Play Brush Massager
    A vibrating brush that can be used to paint your lover with chocolate paint and then lick it off. Or you can always just use it in the kitchen.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Special Edition Tongue Joy Romance
    The mighty TongueJoy is one of the best known and most innovative couple's toys on the market. The tiny little marvel operates using two watch batteries in wireless mode and you can attach it to your tongue, finger, penis, toe, favourite sex toy etc etc for serious clitoral stimulation.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Super Flower Power
    Flower Power personal massagers are not your garden-variety vibes! The textured center blasts high-powered vibrations to soothe and titillate every woman. Each flower has a soft, flexible petal ring that can either radiate delicious vibrations when attached to the vibe or serve as a unique cock ring when removed!
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Tickle His Pickle
    Hotter Sex Is Now In Your Hands!

    Here's the penis instruction manual that should come with every guy-all the highly orgasmic touches and techniques that'll rev up your passion, rekindle his intimacy, and spark the reddest hottest lustiest sex ever.
    NZ$ 59.95 EA
  • Tie the Knot Kit
    Bound to each other forever or just the night.

    Includes: 4 Virgin white wrist and ankle restraints with connectors. Ultra-soft blindfold
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Toy Joy Pump Action Toy Cleaner
    Toy cleaner anti-bacterial disinfectant is especially suitable for the cleaning and maintenance of massage appliances and erotic toys.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA