• Bullet Vibrators & Sex Egg Vibrators Ladies Toys | Adult Boutique
    A small sex toy to get you started. Egg and bullet vibrators are so small they can be completely inserted into the vagina or anus. Small and discreet, perfect for first-timers.
  • G-Spot Vibrators & Stimulators - Womens Sex Toys | Adult Boutique
    A special shaped vibrator that stimulates the female G-spot, a place in the vagina that is very sensitive to sexual stimulation when aroused. G-spot vibrators are designed to reach this spot and increase your sexual experience.
  • Personal Vibrators, Big Range For 1st Time Users | Adult Boutique
    For those that require a simple, more old fashioned vibrator to satisfy their sexual needs.
  • Jelly Vibrators – All Shapes & Sizes | Adult Boutique
    A rubber, jelly or silicone vibrator. Many women prefer these to the more advanced ones of today. Slightly cheaper and more realistic.
  • Lelo Vibrators - Buy your Lelo Vibrator Sex Toy | Adult Boutique
    A Swedish designed brand of upmarket vibrators. An intimate luxury. Stylish vibrators such as the Lelo Elise, Lelo Ina and more.
  • Modern Vibrators - Hi-Quality Vibrator Sex Toys | Adult Boutique
    A fine selection of quality, modern vibrators. A vibrator with a difference. The Cone being one of many to browse in this category.
  • Pearl Vibrators - Quality Sex Toys | Adult Boutique
    Experience the pearl design technology, with a smooth pearl surface color and texture and internal rows of animated pearls that rub together, these vibrators will certainly keep that smile on your face permanently.
  • Rabbit Vibrators - Jack & Jill Rabbit Vibraters  | Adult Boutique
    We have the biggest selection of rabbit vibrators in New Zealand. A popular choice due to the rotating shaft and clitoral stimulator, in the shape of 'Bunny Ears'.
  • Realistic Vibrators - Just Like a Real Penis | Adult Boutique
    For those wanting a vibrator that looks just like the real thing. A penis that vibrates, what more does a girl want?
  • Remote Control Vibrators - Partner Turns You On | Adult Boutique
    Tease your lover in a crowded room. This type of sex toy is widely used in sexual foreplay. The element of control makes these toys a must for everyone.
  • Tickler Vibrators - Cute, Bunny & Mystic Clit | Adult Boutique
    A new Swedish brand of vibrating toys. Quirky, cute and a must have for any collection. All Ticklers are different in character and design but share some basic qualities: They are all quiet, energetic, waterproof and made of smooth, body-safe silicone.
  • Vibratex Vibrators - Jack & Jill Rabbit Vibes | Adult Boutique
    A vibrator designed for a woman's body. Vibratex is best know for their Rabbit Pearl vibrator made famous on Sex & The City!
  • Vibrator Sex Kits - Vibrator Kits | Adult Boutique
    Do you want to experiment with more than one? Don't know what to choose? Then why not buy a vibrator kit, containing plenty of sex toys to keep you busy for years.