Fleshlight Inserts

Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves are available in many different textures, each designed to offer a unique sensation and level of intensity. Whether you are buying an extra one to go with your NEW Fleshlight or wanting to design your own, we have the just the choice for you. Choose textures such as Super Tight, Speed Bump, Ultra Tight, Wonder Wave or Super Tight Ribbed. Try the 'Mouth', the 'Butt' or the 'Vagina'. 

If you can not find the sleeve you are looking for contact us and I'm sure we'll be able to find it for you. Masturbation has never been so easy! Contact us for a discount on the Fleshlight Case if you are designing your own.
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  • Fleshlight Butt Insert - Super Tight
    Fleshlight Butt Insert for your Fleshlight Sex Toy Masturbator. Super Tight as requested. This masturbator insert will help train your penis to ultimately last longer.
    NZ$ 149.95 EA
  • Fleshlight Butt Insert - Super Tight Ribbed
    Super Ribbed Fleshlight Sleeve is designed for the highest available stimulation! A tighter entry and ribbing all the way down.
    NZ$ 149.95 EA
  • Fleshlight Case
    A Fleshlight Case to go with your desired Fleshlight Insert, whether you choose a Butt, Vagina or Mouth this is the case for you. Purchase with ANY sleeve and receive a DISCOUNT. Contact us for more details. We have access to many different sleeves not included in this website.
    NZ$ 59.95 EA
  • Fleshlight Mouth Insert - Speed Bump
    The Speed Bump Mouth Insert from Fleshlight. The soft massaging beads cuddle your penis as you thrust forward through the super tight canal.
    NZ$ 149.95 EA
  • Fleshlight Mouth Insert - Wonder Wave
    This Fleshlight Mouth Insert has a wave of ripples throughout. Combined with the super tight feel inside this masturbator is guaranteed to get the job done.
    NZ$ 149.95 EA
  • Fleshlight Vagina Insert - Speed Bump
    The Fleshlight Vagina Insert - Speed Bump is ready to be wrapped around your penis. The soft bumps feel amazing as you thrust away into the tight canal. Super realistic sensations within.
    NZ$ 149.95 EA
  • Fleshlight Vagina Insert - Super Tight Ribbed
    Fleshlight Super Ribbed Insert is designed for the maximum stimulation! The entrance is now tighter and the ribbing starts immediately. Amazing reviews from all those that have tried this Fleshlight Insert. Buy yours today.
    NZ$ 149.95 EA
  • Fleshlight Vagina Insert - Wonder Wave
    This Fleshlight Vagina Insert offers the waves of sensation within and a super tight feel to wrap around your penis. Add a Fleshlight Case and you're off!
    NZ$ 149.95 EA