Ideas to spice up your sex life!!

Some sexual fantasy ideas to get you started:-

Spanks For The Memory

Here's a turn-on you'll remember for a long time - and don't dismiss it before you've tried it. A good spanking on the buttocks - either by hand or with something like a ruler, or even a gentle whipping if you possess a whip or riding crop - can generate incredible lust both for the receiver and giver. First you must decide who will play which role - the 'spanker' and the 'spankee'. The spankee must lie face forward over a chair or the end of the settee with buttocks exposed. The spanker must then apply the pleasure/pain principle, beginning with kisses and gentle massage, graduating to soft slapping and then tougher spanking. The trick is to inflict a tantalising degree of pain without going too far. Rest assured, you'll end up having unforgettable sex!!

Class Act

The school classroom has long been fertile ground for sexual fantasy. Here you have a choice of being teacher or pupil - punisher or punishee. Dress up in tight shorts or a short skirt with the old school tie for added authenticity. Think of a suitable classroom 'crime' which deserves some meaty thwacks to the naked bottom. Extend the penalty by forcing the pupil to show that they have been paying attention in the oral lessons! Once the required grade has been achieved, the pupil must repeat "I will not be naughty again" ten times whilst the final punishment is administered! This is one lesson that won't be forgotten in a hurry!

Weird & Wonderful

Think of all those gothic horror movies where there's a room filled with candles, an attractive woman lying on a table clad in a long white shirt, and some sinister bloke lurking in the wings with evil intentions. She is invariably a virgin, and he is either a vampire or just a sex-crazed nutter who likes a bit of ritual mixed in with his foreplay. For example, he likes to slowly lift her shirt to reval her nakedness, take a candle and drip wax onto her breasts and abdomen. Only then does he complete the ceremony by climbing onto the table and mounting the woman. Scary....but kinda sexy too!

Phone Sex

Do you have two phones in the house? Go into different rooms and call each other up. This is an adult chat line and you do not know each other. Introduce yourselves - you can be anyone you want - and start to get intimate. Let your fingers do the walking and describe what you are doing to yourself in detail. Follow this up with what you would like them to do to you. Really accentuate all those wonderful noises as you work yourselves and each other into a frenzy. You can go all the way on the other end of the phone or arrange to meet to satisfy your basic instincts. In this case he goes outside and rings the bell to be met by the lady of the house in her sexiest gear. Now carry on where you left off! If you've enjoyed this fantasy then why not call each other up next time you're apart or even at work if you're feeling really naughty.

Cunning Lingo

Talking dirty is a clever way to raise the sexual temperature, even if it feels slightly awkward at first. Tell each other the words and phrases you would like to hear accompanying sexual demands or instructions. Take it in turns to say what you want to do to your partner...or what you'd like your partner to do to you...all the time in basic, filthy, disgusting lewd language. Actually do these things to each other...and you'll find the dirtier the talk becomes, the filthier the sex. Keep going in the vein until you're both screaming things like "Oh *******, I'm coming, you ********* ***** *********!!!!!!"

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