LELO Vibrators

Lelo luxury vibrators are for those who want the best of the best in personal sex toys. Our best selling luxury vibrator is the LELO, this is a brand guaranteed not to disappoint. A fantastic gift for that special someone in your life. All LELO vibrators come with a beautifully presented gift box. A classic, sensuous design that will make you want to collect them all.


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  • Lelo Bo Vibrating Cock Ring
    The Lelo BO Vibrating Penis Ring is a high quality rechargeable male cock ring. Due to the stretchy silicone this cock ring will fit men of all shapes and sizes. It has an ultra quiet motor, so once you've placed it on your penis you are raring to go.
    NZ$ 139.95 EA
  • Lelo Elise Vibrator
    Sophisticated Lelo Elise Vibrator, shaped to fit the female body. The Lelo Elise Vibrator has medical grade silicone on the shaft and and a silky smooth double coated rigid PC ABS on the handle. With twin engine pleasure points, 5 vibration modes, a variable interface dial and so much more. This classy vibrator simultaneously pleasures the G-spot and the clitoris just the way it was designed to.
    NZ$ 275.00 EA
  • Lelo Gigi Vibrator
    The Lelo Gigi Vibrator is a perfect G-spot sex toy for all those in search of the G-Spot. Designed in a way that ensures that this vibrator reaches that special place that is always so hard to find. This modern vibrator has 5 programmed pleasure modes and is ultra quiet to use. Considered an expert in G-Spot play, the Lelo Gigi Vibrator is a must buy.
    NZ$ 199.95 EA
  • Lelo Iris Vibrator
    The Lelo Iris vibrator has many talents. It has a graceful sleek appearance, and is powerful and skillful hitting all the right spots. With 2 individually balanced vibrator engines that operate in harmony this beautiful vibrator provides deep and sensual experiences. Designed to fit your body perfectly, allowing for amazing sexual sensations.
    NZ$ 219.95 EA
  • Lelo Alia Vibrator
    The Lelo Alia is a beautiful gift idea when wanting to purchase a luxury vibrator. With a smooth outer shell and a near-silent vibration. The Alia Vibrator is made from body-safe silicone with an ABS core. It is 100% waterproof and easy to clean. Comes with a 3 button interface with 6 variable modes.
    NZ$ 179.95 EA
  • Lelo Billy Vibrator
    Lelo Billy Vibrator is one for the men out there. This vibrator is tailored precisely to the male form and has 5 different stimulation modes.
    NZ$ 219.95 EA
  • Lelo Ina Vibrator
    Lelo Ina Vibrator is one for the ladies. With a sleek and stylish dual action feature that reaches out to the most erogenous areas with every touch.
    NZ$ 249.95 EA
    NZ$ 239.95 EA
  • Lelo Isla Vibrator
    The Lelo Isla Vibrator offers a silhouette that is contoured to the female body. Made with body safe silicone and an ABS core, the Lelo Isla is 100% waterproof. Complete with a 3 button interface that gives complete control through 6 vibration modes.
    NZ$ 239.95 EA
  • Lelo Lily Vibrator
    Lelo Lily Vibrator is a discreet pleasure sex toy with a beautifully smooth surface and an amazing powerful purr. This Lelo Lily helps to stimulate the clitoral area. Ergonomically designed to fit all those special places, the Lily vibrator is rechargeable and quiet. Comes with gift box, charger, manual, and satin pouch.
    NZ$ 219.95 EA
  • Lelo Liv Vibrator
    Lelo Liv Vibrator is a unisex adult toy. Developed as a "his and her" vibrator, sculptured on her big sister ELISE, but scaled-down slightly. Complete with 5 programmed modes and a silent vibrator engine. Pleasure at your fingertips.
    NZ$ 189.95 EA
  • Lelo Luna Love Eggs
    The Lelo Luna bead system consists of a silicone composition girdle and four weighted beads. The weight of each bead is identified by it's colour.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Lelo Lyla Love Egg Vibrator
    LELO Lyla Love Egg Vibrator. Experience the sensations of this amazing high quality sex egg. With a 6 function wireless remote control, use it alone or with a partner. Let them control you from up to 12 metres away. Superbly quiet, 100% waterproof and rechargeable. This is a must for the avid sex toy collector.
    NZ$ 219.95 EA
  • Lelo Mia Vibrator
    The Lelo Mia Vibrator has an attractive lipstick-like appearance. This allows for discretion and means that this beautiful vibrator can be taken almost anywhere. Perfect for those wanting a vibrator that they can travel with.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Lelo Mona Vibrator
    The Lelo Mona has the most appealing design yet with curves in all the right places. For more varied and precise G-spot and clitoral stimulation. This vibrator is ideal for those wishing to take their sensuality a little bit further as the ergonomic shape offers fuller sensations than you would expect from a vibrator this size.
    NZ$ 199.95 EA
  • Lelo Oden Cock Ring
    The Lelo Oden Cock Ring is designed to wear by him during sex. This silicone cock ring fits snugly around the penis, making this one of the most comfortable penis rings on the market today. Stimulate her clitoris with every thrust by these intense vibrations that will make her want more and more.
    NZ$ 249.95 EA
  • Lelo Siri Vibrator
    The Lelo Siri Vibrator is LELO’s most powerful sensual vibrator to date. For clitoral and all-over body stimulation, Siri has a stronger and more efficient motor, allowing her to deliver even more exciting and targeted vibrations.
    NZ$ 179.95 EA
  • Lelo Soraya Vibrator
    The Lelo Soraya Vibrator is the world’s most beautiful dual-action vibrator, offering multiple pleasures in a sleek and seductive package. Her smooth exterior features individual motors in each pleasure point, and a flexible stimulator that adapts freely for the most luxurious feelings of pleasure.
    NZ$ 289.95 EA
  • Lelo Nea Vibrator
    Lelo Nea Vibrator is the sister of Lily. An ornate pleasure object with a porcelain like finish and a powerful purr. Beautiful to the eye as well as to the touch, are delicate floral motifs. Designed to accommodate all those special places. NEA is fully rechargeable and ultra quiet. Comes with gift box, charger, and manual.
    NZ$ 159.95 EA